BADIE ARCHITECTS always makes sure to truthfully showcase Egypt’s inner beauty, making room for the innovative and modern designs
to prosper and stand out regardless of the Egyptian’s culture standards. Badie Architects believes that the beauty comes from the smallest
well put together details that connects our clients various tastes with our creative vision.

Interior Architecture & Design: Badie Architects

Chief Architect
Mohamed Badie

MOHAMED BADIE is a visionary Egyptian architect who practices originalism to achieve an organic, seamless, and honest social human experience. He designs structures that create an emotional impact inspired by the roots of expressionism, casualism, and originalism.

Badie refuses to follow conventional architectural paradigms in order to create awe inspiring and fresh human experiences.
Badie’s designs are not tethered to convention but are shaped by a sense of physical freedom and experimentation.

  • Commercial Hub Bunker.
  • Commercial Pavilion Volkswagen.
  • Residential Property  – Villa Maadi.
  • Residential Property Hollywood Hills.
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What We Do

Our aim is to build a company that establishes its goals on the foundation of strong values that are consistent with our mission.


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  • Architects

To us, design is a set of beliefs and ethics that need to be in constant symbiosis with each other. We have a responsibility to execute our designs in a manner that transforms and elevates the lifestyles of individuals.



  • Badie
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We believe that design is more than just theory. It is an ever-evolving language that requires us to look to the past to innovate the future but create in the present moment. As companies require 21st century solutions they turn to us to create empowering human-centric spaces for them.

Commercial – GLC Paints

Working Process

  • Discuss the project

    The Core Of The Design

    We believe that in order to create a space that is worthy of you, we have to understand the core of the design.

    Our design principles are :

    Expressionist, bold, and present.

  • Develop & Elaborate

    Our Goal

    Our goal is to execute your vision and to create a space that tells not only tells a story but is injected with your passion and energy. We will work with you to create the perfect design, because we know that doesn’t happen overnight.

  • Final approvement

    Design isn’t static

    It is ever-changing and for that reason we take great pride in creating designs that are timeless. Once our designs are finalized we work with you for the execution/build phase because we are just as dedicated to your new space as you are.




Salma Yusry

Art Director And Graphic Designer


Amr Karoush

Project Manager Architect


Farah Bahaa

Senior Architect


Ahmed Jamal

Architectural Designer


Mohamed Badie

Chief Architect


Mohamed Said

Project Manager


Mayar Farghal

Product Designer


Ahmed Hamdy

Site Manager


Abdelhamed Ashraf

Site Engineer

Our Clients

Clients we proudly served.

  • VW-lOGO
  • ESCA
  • skullteck
  • Red-bird
  • Ritz
  • Banque-du-Caire
  • The-Kiosk
  • Blue-Nile
  • F
  • GLC
  • Mullino