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Malak Rashad & Mohamed Badie

October 23, 2019Category : Magazine

With the quarantine forcing us all to stay at home, this made us look closely at the environment we are living in right now. Then we can analyze how we truly feel about them. This makes us question if we really understand our spaces? Are we really enjoying them the way we should be? In fact, your home is your very original experience. It is the space you’ll spend a lifetime in. And as much as you shapes your space, this space eventually shapes you.

In an attempt to a create a good relationship with the space, Esorus initiated Design to Go to help users make the most out of their space with the help of professional designers. In this case from Design to Go, we got Malak Rashad collaborating with Mohamed Badie. Together they are finding smart solutions to furnish a lady’s reception, dining area and open kitchen.

About Designers
Malak Rashad graduated from Cairo University’s Architecture department in 2006. After working in several prominent offices of Architecture and Interior Design in Cairo, Malak partnered with Ahmad Fayyad in 2010 and founded F&R Partnership. F&R Partnership has gained recognition quickly in the design field as an award winning architecture practice. Malak Rashad is following the minimal design approach that is centered around wellness and creating positive spaces that are user-centered.
Mohamed Badie, founder of Badie Architects, is a revolutionary architect who was able to provide designs meant for the Elite to become a public subject. Obviously his designs reflect unconventional and influential trends. Badie is always keen to provide an emotional experience intensely inspired by the roots of Expressionism, an evocative movement that builds and inspires human experience. He truly believes in individuality and that we should start displaying it.