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Interior Design Trends in Egypt in 2019

December 27, 2019Category : Magazine

There is a strong relation between our identity and expression in our homes. This reflects strongly on the uprising interior design trends of the year. They get shaped from one year to the other due to varying factors such as global trends and growing styles, as well as an individual’s taste and needs. are you wondering what are the Interior Design Trends in Egypt in 2019? 

We analyzed the works of Egyptian interior designers in 2019. And as diverse as their tastes and styles might be, those trendy elements were common among most designers. Some of these trends were common with international ones, yet others were unique to our market’s demand in Egypt. 

Here are the Interior Design Trends in Egypt in 2019!

We could see this material as well used in different ways such as in furniture pieces or flooring. Which still goes along very well in contrast with the walls.

A revival of a classical element in our homes. we can see it designed in a more modern way with less ornamentation. Yet some designers took the step of creating the same beautiful floral patterns in contrast with their straight-lined contemporary designs that work together in beautiful harmony.

As we are going into a new year, as well as a new decade, we are excited to see what is coming up in the interior design trends of the future. Contemporary styles are constantly on the move due to the fast pace of technological advancements and the vast demand of the growing community. 

There is a lot of driving motors to this continuous change. Technology is the superstar of the decade, as it doesn’t just shape the production line of the different materials, color tones, and flexibility of forms. It also has a role as a focal point with the uprising trends of smart systems in our homes.