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July 1, 2018Category : Magazine

With the quarantine forcing you and your family to stay at home most of the time It will be the perfect time to pursue your peace of mind by creating the right environment for everyone at home whether its your spouse, your children or your parents or even your room mate– it’s time to seek a professional opinion to identify the needs of each individual based on their preferences habits or even activities which you can actually bring it to home.

Mohamed Badie

is supporting the Initiative of encouraging you to stay at home and will inspire you of small and simple tips that will keep you busy and enjoy your stay. Send the room you need help Here and Badie will be consulting you.

Badie Architects

Mohamed Badie Revolutionary Architect who was able to provide designs meant for the Elite to become a public subject. Hence, his designs reflect unconventional and influential trends.

An Emotional Experience intensely inspired by the Roots of Expressionism, an Evocative Movement that builds and inspires Human Experience. He believes that we should get rid of outdated concepts and follow international standards, and that clearly shows through his designs with his own rules because he believes in individuality and that we should start displaying it.

Interior Designers have come together to help you enjoy your stay :))